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ملخص و اهداف مبارة ميلان و استريا فيينا 3/0 الشوط الاول

مباراة ميلان واوستريا فيينا بث مباشر اليوم الخميس تعلن افتتاح مباريات البث المباشر في الدوري الأوروبي هذا الموسم يبدأ ميلان الإيطالي الثالث لميلان عن طريق أندري سيلفا، تمريرة من هاكان لسيلفا الذى سدد الكرة بقوة سكنت الشباك ليسجل الثاني له والثالث لفريقه. اهداف أندرى سيلفا أحرز هاكن كالهانغولو وأندريه سيلفا لاعبو فريق ميلان الإيطالي ثلاثة أهداف في الدقائق #اهداف_ميلان_اليومالأولى من المباراة التي تقام على ملعب "فرانز هو" بالنمسا ضمن منافسات الجولة الأولى


PSG vs Metz 5-1 - All Goals & Highlights (Resume) Ligue 1 8/9/2017

PSG vs Metz 5-1 - All Goals & Highlights (Resume) Ligue 1 8/9/2017


GTA 5 Download (full game)

GTA 5 Download (full game)


GTA 5 files for download, are made up of pieces of code extracted from the PS3 version of the game. GTA 5 download for PC, is a full game that you will play for hours, with all three characters (Trevor, Michael and Franklin) in the biggest Grand Theft Auto world to date. Installer also comes for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Be sure to follow the instructions, and if you find any bugs please let us know, enjoy!

- experience the gameplay with 3 different characters
- amazing graphics
- feel the spirit of the city of Los Santos with BONUS missions
- pilot a plane, get drunk, play tennis and even build a spaceship!

Don’t go for Beta keys, there are NO Beta keys. GTA V hacked requires no keys, you can play it as soon as you download it.



install gta 5 GTA 5 Download (full game)


How to pass the surveys?

To get the GTA V game you need to complete one of the offers shown, after you click the “download” button. This is just a quick verification that you are not a bot, because our server is under heavy traffic and we have limited the number of downloads.

The majority of these offers are free and take 1-2 mins to complete. Some of them are market surveys, in which case you should submit required information (it can all be fake except an email), and some offers want you to try a, legitimate, virus free software.

When you have finished an offer of your choice, download will begin automatically.





Here at, it’s our job to keep you up to date with all the latest GTA 5 download news. Find rumors and speculation about the game, fan wallpapers, updates, news, download GTA 5 for PC, and other official Grand Theft Auto 5 free content when it’s released.